Tuesday, November 6, 2007

To Help You Get to Know Me a Little Better....

Things I love:

My Bob. Romance novels and sappy movies. Expensive perfume. Wine, wine and more wine. Sleeping with lots of blankets and the air conditioning on at full blast in the summer and with the windows wide open in the winter. Sneaking into the baby clothing aisle to look at baby clothes. Snarky celebrity blogs. Dinner parties that start early and end late. Finding designer jeans cheap at Nordstrom Rack. The time of year when summer turns into fall. Warm sweaters and nights by the fire. Looking forward to Christmas before Halloween even rolls around. Air popped popcorn and mashed potatoes. Game night. Big plans. Farmer's Markets. Traveling Europe. Lame movie quotes. Being a democrat. Laughing at mullets. Flowers, gardens and home improvements. My best friend Lindsay. Magazines. Tapas. Both of the famous Stewarts: Martha and John. Change. Anything remotely related to Harry Potter. People who make you want to be better. Politics. Waking up to rain outside. Barnes and Noble chairs and a good book. When it's light late in the summer. Seasonally appropriate scented candles. Buying and wrapping Christmas presents. My pets. My mother and her strength that I only hope I have inherited. Sleazy reality television. Hammocks. Going to the airport. Rob's gourmet cooking. Friends that I don't see often enough and those I see all the time. My family. Ansel Adams photography and Sandra Cisneros poetry. Beautiful things. Weddings. Pottery Barn Catalogs. First Thursdays. Baby name websites. College memories. Hoping. Waiting to see what the future holds.

"Life is not waiting for the storm to pass,but learning to dance in the rain"


Mia said...

This post is just what I needed after today. Thank you and the quote couldn't be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Hi bunnies - just wanted to reassure you that Rob is not abnormal in his reaction to all this. My husband is absolutely amazing, but he doesn't "get" the TTC stuff. My story is very different from yours - we tried for about 6 months, got pregnant, and then I lost the baby a few months ago. I was only 8 weeks, and my DH just didn't have the reaction I expected. He was very sweet and loving to me, holding me while I cried, etc. And I know he was sad that we lost the baby, but he just sort of took this "this was meant to happen, and we'll have a baby when the time is right for us" kind of attitude.

I think a lot of guys just don't really get it because it's not happening to THEIR bodies, you know? Ultimately I think it's better for me that he's not all stressed out, because it would just make me worry and stress that much more. That's always been our role (and it sounds similar for you and Rob) - I'm the Type A, obsessive-compulsive worrier, and he's the laid back, take life as it comes one. It's good to have that kind of balance in a relationship, even if it is sometimes frustrating.

Also - I saw in your post that you love Sandra Cisneros' poetry. Me too - and I love her books. "The House on Mango Street" is one of my alltime favs.

Hang in there, girl. You have so many people praying for you. I truly believe that this is going to happen for you, and you're very brave for taking the initiative to find out what's going on.

Sarah said...

Wow, I love your list of favorite things. I think we are the same person! Eerie...

Now that I've read your blog (I got your link over on BOTB) I'll be praying for you and your husband. You have more courage than you know - it's evident in your words and thoughts.

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