Friday, September 12, 2008

Ultrasound Story...

Well it's about time I posted my BIG ultrasound story... over a month and a half later. Bad me!

Let's go way back to our big US back in the beginning of August, Rob had taken the day off for the occasion and I was only working half day. He picked me up for work in the afternoon, it is lucky I only worked that long that day because I just could NOT concentrate on work!

I had decided I needed to drink three glasses of water, a juice and a Hansen's Strawberry Cream soda to ensure my bladder was full enough, but even by the time we got to the doctor's office, I still didn't have to go. Hmmm... maybe I should drink more water? So there I go, drinking more out of those little cone shaped cups they have in the waiting room. Still no need to pee... drink more.

So finally we get called back. This is IT, the big moment! We were both so excited, and I was so sure it was going to be a Patrick! The ultrasound nurse got us all set up and checked my bladder so she could do the part of the U/S that you need a full bladder for...and now I'm starting to feel the need to go, but she announces, NOPE, you're not full enough. WHA?? Three glasses of water, one glass of juice, a soda AND all those little cups and still not enough? What am I, a camel? So she tells me I'm going to have to do the whole ultrasound (about 45 minutes) and then we'll go back and take a look at the end.

Me:" Um, are you sure it isn't full enough, because I could definitely pee right now?"

Nurse: "Nope"

Me: "But I had so much to drink, I swear!!"

Nurse: "Sorry. Gonna have to wait."

So you all know that when you're told you CAN'T pee and have the slightest inkling that you might WANT to pee, well then you automatically HAVE to pee right that very second. But I was good, I sucked it up, took a deep breath and let her go on.

So right away she asks if we want to know. Of course! So she said, with not much fanfare, it's a girl. Yep, definitely a girl. We are both shocked, we totally were expecting a boy. But a GIRL! A Lucy!! YES! Rob immediately talks about how she's going to be a ju-jitzu champion and I elbow him and tell him she's doing ballet and riding ponies. That's the agreement, girls: I choose the sports, boys: he chooses the sport.

We're so thrilled about the news that I barely notice the nurse pointing out body parts, and is going along her merry way with the rest of the ultrasound. For a minute I look over at the nurse and she is not looking so hot. She's sweating, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand and breathing pretty hard. All of the sudden I think, "OMG. She is going to have a heart attack while doing our ultrasound!" She sees me wide-eyed, staring at her and assures me that she's only having a hot flash. I laugh because it is funny that I know exactly how that feels (see posts in reference to the evil fertility drug Clomid. Clomid = hot flashes way before you're supposed to know what one feels like).

Apparently the hot flashes has made the nurse a little cranky, and also apparently the soda and juice I drank made little Lucy a little hyper, so the nurse is getting so frustrated at Lucy flipping around in there that during the U/S she often grabs my stomach and shakes it. Um, and YES at this point I REALLY need to pee, so the shaking of the tummy and the pressing of the ultrasound machine are getting ridiculous! I have to pee so bad at this point it isn't even funny. I was so distracted by the need to pee that I almost missed this little gem: As the nurse was going over body parts, Rob was learning forward and scrutinizing the screen and nodding.

Nurse: "And here are the lips..."

Rob: :: turns head, frowning, and nods like he knows what she's pointing out:

Nurse: ::continuing: "...of the vagina."

Rob: "Wha?!" :: immediately looks down, up, sideways anywhere but the screen::

I swear she did it on purpose, there was a definite pause. Poor Rob!

So finally she lets me pee, after more no-so-gentle jiggling of my belly. We got some great pictures and were so excited to get out of there and share the news with our friends and family.

Here is Miss Lucy Elizabeth's latest photo shoot:

She's got my nose in that first one. The second she's waving at mom and dad!

Lastly, here's a picture of my new niece, Guiliana Joy M, or Gigi for short, in Connecticut.

"A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life."
Irish Saying


SoxChamps said...

I'm so glad to finally hear the story! It's also nice that later, when you hear other people telling stories, you'll remember how good it felt when you were going through it! You and my friend are due a week apart and I'm anxiously following both of your stories. Keep the news coming!

Jamie said...

I love your stories! Sorry you had a cranky U/S tech! You should have asked her how she would feel if you shook her belly! :)

Excited for Lucy!

Amelia's mommy. said...

What a great story! Oh how I remember THE BIG ONE! When I found out I was having an Amelia, all I saw was pink. Take the feeling you had to pee, and welcome to the last trimester of your pregnancy :) All day, every day. Miss Lucy looks amazing!

Sarah said...

I can't believe the nurse did that with the "lips"! That is soo funny! Well for us readers anyway

Annegirrl said...

Ha! Our little girl is supposed to be a ju-jitsu champ and become the MMA champ in her weight division. Um, yeah, not so likely there husband.

Harmony said...

love the story! i am so glad you had such a good ultrasound appt!

can't wait to hear more! not too much long till you have baby lucy in your arms! :0)

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