Thursday, February 5, 2009

Labor Story: Part 2...

Ok, I'm back! My excuse for being such a bad blogger is Lucy, plain and simple. That and the fact that my laptop computer is total junk and turns off if I move it an inch!

Anyways, where was I? Ah yes, to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at about 9:00 and at that point my contractions were definitely stronger and 5 minutes apart, if not closer, but I was still in the "ohmygoshI'mgoingtohaveababy" mindset so they didn't bother me too much. We got settled into our room, which I now wish I had a picture to share with you all because it was such a nice room. You could fit at least 15 people in it!

I got changed into the super hot gown and the nurse checked me (um, OW)... I was so sure I was at LEAST 5 cm...NOPE! 2 1/2. WHAT? 2 1/2??? Panic definitely started to set in since if this was 2 1/2 cm pain WHAT did I have in store for me? The nurse told me that she was going to have me walk around and labor in the room for 2 hours and then they would come back and check me at 11:00 pm to see if I had progressed. If I had they would admit me, if not they would send me home. SEND ME HOME? No way, no how!

So the next two hours were probably the worst part of my entire labor. The pain started to get REALLY severe about 1/2 an hour into my 2 hours. I started freaking out a little then, ok I lied, A LOT I freaked out A LOT. Rob was so amazing, he would walk wherever I walked, sway with me, hold me hands during my contractions, get me on the birthing ball, talk me down calmly when I started saying things like "I don't think I can do this" and "I want to go home, like now!" My mom, who was all in favor of a natural birth my entire pregnancy, sat there any didn't say a word. She looked terrified every time I had a contraction because I was in so much pain. I even started crying during my contractions towards the end of my two hours because the contractions were almost bringing me to my knees.

So after two hours of the most excruciating pain of my life, the nurse came in at 11:00 pm to check me. When she did she announced I was now 3 1/2. I almost lost it since I thought they might send me home. At this point, I was laying on the bed and whenever I had a contraction my entire body would shake so violently that I would almost shake myself off the bed. The nurse, thankfully, decided that they were going to admit me at that point because my pain was this severe and since I was having major back labor since Lucy was face up. I almost killed her when her next question was "So we're going to do this naturally then?" She's lucky I was having a particularly strong contraction at that moment or I might have jumped up off the bed and strangled her. Rob quickly explained that no, I would like the epidural...preferably sooner rather than later.

The nurse gave me a shot of something to take the edge off the contractions, which worked almost immediately and then before I knew it the anesthesiologist was in the room. Hallelujah! I didn't even care how big the needle was, bring on the epi! It was instant relief. I even told the anesthesiologist that she was my new best friend. I totally admire anyone who has their baby naturally, you women are amazing, but me, I was so happy to have that epi I can't even tell you. For those three hours before the epi I felt like my back was being hacked at with a machete. I'm not even kidding. On a scale of 1 to 10 my pain was a 15.

The rest of the night I rested, sleeping on and off. I would have gotten more sleep except for the fact that the epi didn't take on my left lower back. It wasn't excruciating, but I could definitely feel it quite a bit. I asked the nurse about it and she told me I could push the button to give myself some more epi, but only if I REALLY had to. I pushed it once, and could still feel it, but was afraid to push it anymore because I was terrified of it "running out".

In the morning we had a change of nurses, this nurse asked if I was feeling any pain and I told her about my back. She asked if I had pushed the button. Once, I told her. Her response, "Honey, PUSH THAT BUTTON, if you need it to rest." I told her about my fear of the epi running out and she laughed and said "We're a hospital, we have more of it." God, I loved that nurse.

My best friend Lindsay arrived at 5:00 am in the morning. I had called her the night before and I know she was up all night wanting to come to the hospital. Crazy girl! I was so glad she came since she definitely helped keep my mom company and me as well while I sat and waited to dilated!

I was still only 7cm in the afternoon, so the doctor decided to break my water (unfortunately it wasn't my doctor, who I love, since she was on vacation). When they did the doctor saw that there was meconium so they decided to "flush me out". This involved yet another tube running out of my body, flushing my uterus out with liquids to get rid of the meconium. By now I had an IV, the epi, a catheter and now a tube up into my uterus. Lovely! When it came time for delivery they would request the presence of the Neonatal Intensive Care nurses just in case Lucy swallowed any meconium. This freaked me out a little, but the flushing out seemed to work right away which made me feel better.

Up next for Part 3..the big finale! Sorry for the incredibly long story... what can I say, I'm long winded.

Quick update, Lucy is doing wonderfully, although she's had a couple fussy weeks lately. We don't mind though, she's lovely even when she's fussy. Updated pictures to come when I get onto my own computer!

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."
-Eda J LeShan


Ali said...

Good story so far! My husband told me I proposed to the anesthesiologist during labor with our daughter! I think they must get that a lot!

Mrs. Haid said...

Good stories! I love play by play details, so keep being long winded!!

NHmommy said...

love love love the epi..I was at the point of tears when I got mine too. And I wanted natural..hah!!!!!! Can't wait for the end of the story and pics of miss lucy.

Amy Starkey said...

Congratulations! I have loved reading your blog. Lucy is gorgeous and I completely sympathize with you and back labor. I too had back labor, my little girl was born Jan 6 and I was so happy when that epi started working, it was heaven! Anyway, just wanted to say 'hi' and that I have enjoyed reading your blog and congratulations again!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your baby and thank you for sharing your stories with such wit and warmth. I stumbled across your blog when I was in my two week wait and was convinced it was my lucky charm, so thank you for bringing me good fortune, and congrats again!

Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

You're really making this childbirth thing sound so appealing. I'm all about honesty, but you're freakin me out.

:) Just kidding. Can't wait to hear more...although where are the Lucy pictures?! We need to see pictures of that sweet baby that made all the pain worth it.

Tena said...

Back labor sucks. A LOT. I had it with my son because he was also facing up. Now, though, he's the happiest kid ever! I hope Lucy is super happy too!

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