Friday, February 27, 2009

We're Back...

Hello! We have returned from our Florida trip. I was worried about traveling with a 6 week old, especially on the long plane trip, but she did so wonderfully. During all the flights, which were all 7+ hours, she slept almost the entire time. The takeoffs and landings didn't seem to bother her at all and the only time that she fussed a little bit was when she was hungry. Everyone commented on what a good baby she was!

(Lucy's First Plane Ride)

One thing that wasn't wonderful? We had a stop on our first flight out to Florida and Southwest didn't transfer her carseat on to our final destination! When we got in to Orlando at 11:00 pm we had all our bags but no carseat. We had been traveling all day, Lucy was exhausted and we had a 2 hour drive ahead of us with no carseat. It was more than a little frustrating. Since we were not staying anywhere near the airport Southwest told us we could take a loaner carseat that night and then pick up ours when we flew back the next week. I was ok with this until a saw the loaner. It was a piece of junk, it felt like it was made out of Styrofoam. We had no choice but to use it that night, but I insisted that they somehow get our carseat to us in Sarasota from Orlando. The next day they sent it to Tampa and dropped it off to is in Sarasota. Sometimes you just have to insist, even if you have to get a, especially since I felt like Lucy's safety was at risk. Basically what I'm saying is bitchy Bev came out when the baggage guy gave me attitude, he was a total punk. Don't mess with me when it comes to Lucy!

Seeing the family in Florida was so fabulous. She got to meet Rob's parents for the first time and they and the rest of the family were all absolutely enamoured with our Lucy. Rob even allowed a couple people to hold her, although that took a little convincing. He is so protective of her!

(Lucy and her Nonnie, fast asleep)

(First Beach Trip!)

(First Aquarium Trip)

What I think made our trip so easy? We stayed in a rental home instead of a hotel. That way we could do laundry and Rob could cook for us instead of attempting to take a baby out to a restaurant for every meal (plus Rob's cooking is way better than any restaurant). The house was supposed to provide a crib for us but when we got in at 2:00 am the night our flight came in there was no crib. What did we do? We emptied out my suitcase and voila, portable crib! We put the suitcase on the bed and Lucy never fussed a moment when we wanted to go to sleep the entire week, I think she liked being able to see us when she went to sleep since she was just at eye level with me.

(Lucy's Makeshift Bed)


I was really worried about the trip before we left because Lucy had been having some really tough nights. She would cry and cry and cry from 9:00 to 11:00 pm and sometimes later. I kept thinking, "What if she does this in Florida?". Amazingly it stopped the day we left, and I'm happy to report she has been an angel every night since. Sure, she has a little bit of fussy time here and there, but nothing like it was. She is going to sleep wonderfully at night and has put herself on a schedule where she goes to sleep around 9:00, I feel her before Rob and I go to bed at 11:00 and she wakes up around 4:30-5:00 am for a feeding. Usually she'll go back to sleep for a couple hours after that. She's amazing!

Things that made traveling with a 6 week old easier than I could have imagined:

The Boppy for nursing and sleeping (she slept on the Boppy during all the plane rides, it was SO worth the hassle of carrying it on!)

My Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover to keep from flashing everyone in the airport/on the plane/in the car/at the family wedding.

Lucy's own towels, because the ones that the house we stayed at had been bleached and were really scratchy.

Packing 2 heavier blankets and 2 light blankets, this was nice because the heavier/fluffier ones were great for laying her down on top of, and the little ones were great for putting in our diaper bags (yes that is plural, Rob has his own, it is very manly).

A sun hat, to keep the Florida sun out of her eyes and to keep out too much sun exposure.

My sling, it was great to to put her in for walking around. Although I really would have loved to have her stroller (I couldn't take it since my Brother in Law just HAD to have his own golf clubs, thanks alot Dave).

All in all we had a wonderful time and loved introducing our little Lucy to all the fam. If anyone has any questions about traveling with a tiny one please let me know in the comment!

(The Family!)

(At the Wedding)

Lucy has also grown so much in the last couple weeks. She is already in her 3 month clothes! She has a doctor's appointment the first week of March and we'll find out her exact weight then, but I'm thinking she is about 10 lbs already. I love seeing her grow but sometimes it makes me tear up because I feel like it is already going by so fast. That is a whole different blog post for another time!

“The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.”
-Pablo Casals


G & H said...

Great pictures and I Loved the packing for baby advice!

Jessica said...

the airline lost our carseat and stroller once and the loaner they gave us was also a piece of junk. they should really do something about that!

Anonymous said...

I give you tons of credit for traveling with a little baby! What a good idea about the suitcase...she was probably nice a cozy in there! She is so beautiful. Congratulations!

Oops A Baby said...

Glad to hear everything went well! Great pictures. She is reallllly beautiful. The PERFECT combination of you and your husband :o)

Heather said...

I just want to tell you that little Lucy is beautiful. I started reading your blog when I was around 5 or 6 months pregnant. I had my baby Dec 4, and I read your blog from the beginning during late night/early morning feedings. I'm so glad you got the baby you dreamed of!

Kristin and Tim said...

Other than the carseat/crib issues, it sounds like you had an amazing trip! I've been following your blog for a while but had to comment when I saw your aquarium photo - is that at the Mote? My husband and I live in Bradenton, but the Mote is my favorite aquarium in the area :-)

CheekyMonkey said...

Thanks for the wonderful post, you three are such a beautiful family!!! What fantastic photos! It's good to hear that your flying experience with her the first go-round wasn't a bad one!

Krystal said...

Hi! Your little one is beautiful! I have been following your blog since last year while was pregnant and due around the same time as you. My daughter was born on Jan. 5th. Thanks for the traveling tips. My husband and I are traveling down to Texas to see his parents in 3 weeks. I have to admit I am a little nervous about it. Any other tips you have would be great...if you have time! Congratulations on your beautiful Lucy!


Rebecca said...

Great to hear that everything went well. The suitcase crib is ingenious! Everyone should do that! Her first trip to the ocean looks like fun too. What a great trip. Thanks for the tips!

Solar Powered said...

Wow, I would be so nervous and you made it sound so easy. She is so sweet :)

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