Friday, May 15, 2009

Review O' the Day...

So I had this lofty goal of writing a huge, all-encompassing review of the baby paraphernalia that we use, but life got in the way (aka work got in the way) and I only got around to posting one short list. So I have decided that I'm going to attempt (ATTEMPT, no promises!) to write a review of one item a couple times a week.

Today's item:

Burt's Bees Products

I love these products because they are Sodium Lauryl/Laurenth Sulfate free, Paraben Free and Phthalate Free (all chemicals that I don't particularly want on my sweet baby), they are 96.08% natural, not tested on animals and the bottles are produced with 80% post-consumer recycled material.

Now that all that important stuff is out of the way, Burt's Bees products also smell delicious and leaves Lucy's skin oh-so-soft. We use the Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash, the Apricot Baby Oil (I use a couple drops of this in her cloth wipes solution along with Castille Soap and Water) and the Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion. I've also heard that the Mama Bee Belly Butter is awesome for growing pregnancy bellies, I never got to use it but I have heard it works wonders. Burt's Bees is fairly pricey, if you compare it to Johnson's products, but I think it is worth the extra $$. Love it! I buy mine at Fred Meyer or Target.

NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that Burt's Bees has recently been sold to Clorox (thanks GHW!), which isn't exactly the most "green" company. I searched around on the internet and while still feel that the ingredients are still natural I came across an interesting article in the NY Times: "Can Burt's Bees Turn Clorox Green?" Another option is California Baby,, (which we use for face moisturizer for Lucy AND myself), and Belli Baby products, (which we use for baby powder and baby lotion), both also excellent natural choices which I will review in the future!

"We make people's lives better every day — naturally."
-Burt's Bees Mission Statement
ps. Last day for questions as I'm going to try to post my Q & A post this evening!


Anonymous said...

You would also probably love the California Baby products. A little bit pricey (more that Burt's Bee's I think??) but oh my goodness - they are fantastic!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting this. I read a study while I was in my first trimester that researchers believe phthalates in everyday products are causing some baby boys to have deformed genitals if used during the first trimest. It was almost impossible to find products that don't contain them. Burt's Bees shampoo was one of the few products I found that worked - the pomegranate shampoo also smelled great. Turns out my baby is going to be a girl, so I needn't have worried!

NHmommy said...

I am obsessed with their lip balm line. I also use the spf 30 on Colton because I know it's safe and it is effective. One downside, it's super sticky and dries quick. I also have the Mama Belly Butter and am just waiting for the chance to use it!

MJS said...

Ok, one more question! This is slightly un-baby related, but how do you like your shorter hair? (It's really cute, of course!). I naturally have curly hair like yours and wonder how much time you spend blow-drying it short? Is it easier with Lucy?
Thanks! (P.S. I love Burt's Bees too. They're the best.) :)

goodheartedmommy said...

You would think that burt's bees is one of the safe products, but I read a website today that rates safety of beauty products, and burts is on the same level as johnson and johnsons. Clorox now owns burts bees. I'm switching to california baby, which has one of the lowest levels of toxins.

Me said...

First, just wanted to say that I've really been enjoying your blogolympics!
Second, (this isn't Burt's related, though I am fan of the products) I thought I remember you saying you'd used gDiapers on Lucy a little... what's your opinion of those? Thanks!

sabrina said...

i can relate to enjoying burts bees- but i have an unrelated question . . . and couldn't find your e-mail-

i am in the portland area and found your lovely blog a few months ago . . . now I am searching for health insurance (pre-baby but with maternity needs in mind).

if you have a spare moment- and have any suggestions of who you like/dislike in the options available in portland, i'd love to hear your thoughts! my husband and i have only been in the area for ~2 yrs and the maze of insurance is crazy! (currently leaning towards ODS as it seems to have numerous options)

oh- and my e-mail is . . .

have fun with lucy! she's such a little angel!


Meg said...

I am loving your blog lately. I really related to this post because Lily has the most sensitive skin in the universe. She gets hives and rashes to almost every lotion. . .although she is much better now that when she was a baby. If I even opened a bottle of baby sunscreen next to her her eyes would swell up. So you know I bought every brand of everything and tried it all. We lived in Hawaii, people, I gots to wear sunscreen! My favorite is Erbaviva. Pah-ricey. But really really good. No rash, no dry spots, nada. Love the shampoo, LOVE the cheek balm (for those winter visits to Utah in the DRY DRY desert when even Burt's gave her rashes) and I love the diaper rash cream which is effective but not so thick that it sticks to her butt for days and then actually causes a reaction. Also she ate the diaper cream once when I thought she was in her bed asleep but really she was climbing up my dresser and smearing the cream EVERYWHERE and eating it. Did I mention this stuff was not cheap? Anyway, I called poison control and they were like "oh that stuff? No problem, spread it on toast!" not really, but basically.

Other sunscreens that are cheaper that Lily does okay with:

Absolutely Natural SPF 25 (Titanium Dioxide)
Neutrogena Sensitive Skin SPF 30 (also a Titanium Dioxide base. . .this one is just easier to get. . .and cheaper.)

Neither of these are water proof. Anything that says "waterproof" on it I just walk away. Waterproof=rash. We just wear cute rash guards and hats. . .hahahahahah! Like she keeps those on! I do try, though!
Longest comment ever? I bet it is!

Meg said...

I also have a question for your blog. . .I love asking mothers this. . .hee hee.

What is something you have done as a mother that you swore you would never do.

Here is an example of some of mine:

Turned on Sesame Street so I could take a nap.
Fed my toddler candy and chips for dinner.
Let my kid play in a lake and then not bathe them because they fell asleep in the car.

Oh, and these all happened just today.

Colleen Kuerth : Truly Noted said...

Weleda makes a great line of all natural baby products too!

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