Sunday, August 30, 2009

Coupon Deal...

For those of you out there that don't cloth diaper but still want to be environmentally friendly and conscious of what goes on your baby's bottom, the Smart Source coupon book in the Sunday paper has a $2.00 off coupon for Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers. I used these during our recent vacation when cloth wasn't an option and they worked like a dream.

Blurb from Seventh Generation's website:

"Our Chlorine Free Diapers offer soft, cloth-like comfort and premium absorbency. In addition to keeping your baby dry, our super absorbent polymer is non-toxic and non-irritating to baby’s sensitive skin. Featuring stretchy leg gathers and resealable closure tabs."

I like to keep a stash of disposables for emergencies (such as "I've been too busy to do the laundry" or "I only packed two cloth diapers in her diaper bag and she's blown through both of those so I keep disposables in the glove box" sort of emergencies) so these are great to have on hand. Since they are on the expensive side I'll definitely be picking up a pack to have on hand!

"Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason."


mak'n Changes said...

If I wanted to experiment with cloth diapering, where would I buy them?

Bev said...

For experimention with cloth try the "Late Start Rental" for older babies from Sunshine Diapers : see

It's a great way to try cloth out!

Bev said...

I just saw that you're PG so you wouldn't need the late start... Sunshine also offers newborn trials, see:

Anonymous said...

We love 7th gen! They may cost more but we've never had a leak or blow out...not once. Tried Pampers one travel weekend and had a leak on day 1 and two blow outs the next day. I just think 7th gen is a superior product, and in the end, since you have to change them less, I think you spend the same as with Huggies or Pampers or something.

In the cloth vs. disposable debate, cloth does come out on top regarding health. Largely because most paper diapers have been bleached with dioxin and use dyes, which are horrible for humans and the earth (7th gen of course do not, which makes them even better), and because of the use of sodium polyacrylate crystals, which has been informally linked to some skin problems and female genitalia issues--but no conclusive studies support this. Several brand of paper diapers don't use these crystals, however, 7th gen is not one.

Energy wise, cloth diapers leave a bigger foot print than the production of disposables, per child per year. Commercial diaper washing outfits use slightly less energy than home wash, but still well above that of paper diaper production.

Waste wise, well, you know, cloth is best.

It's all about making informed decisions. I say cloth if you can, but 7th gen (or any other non-dioxin diaper) is a great alternative.

Anonymous said...

OMG I HATED the 7th gen disappointing as we use 7th gen products all the time! The remind me of the crappy public restroom paper towels.

We use huggies organics and love them - I'm sure not as enviro friendly...but much softer and worked at lot better for us.

I'm glad they worked for you guys though...we really do like the company!

LeAnna said...

I love the Seventh Gen's, they're great!

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