Sunday, April 24, 2011

Do You Pray?

I know I'm full of empty blogging promises, but I have my reasons. None of which are relevant to my post today. Today I'm going to ask you something. Something very personal.

Do you pray?

Because I have a family  in need of your prayers, and they just happen to be a part of our family whom we love dearly. Pray on your own, add them to your church's prayer chain, share this blog entry. Anything. Please.

Rob's cousin Cadie and her husband Jamal are two of our closest friends. Their sweet daughter Sahara is only 6 months younger than Lucy, and they are the best of friends (even though Lucy told me today that Sahara is not allowed to play with her My Little Ponies).

 (How sweet are our girls? The best of friends!)

Cadie found out she was pregnant three months after I became pregnant with Zoe. We were thrilled that they were going to have another baby around the same time. Devastatingly, during Christmastime at their gender ultrasound, they received the news that their baby, a girl, had a fatal kidney disease. The doctors told the family that she would not likely survive for long after that.

Arrayah, the name they gave her as soon as they found out she was a girl, is a fighter. Now, months later and a month away from her due date, she is still holding on. The doctors have given her no chance of survivial outside the womb due to her lungs not being able to fully develop, they have told the family since it appears she will carry Arrayah to term that once the umbilical cord is cut that their time with Arrayah will end. But this family believes in miracles. They believe in the power of prayer, the power of hope and the power of grace. They are fighters too.

I cannot imagine being told that the child you are carrying is not going to survive. I cannot imagine having to go through the day, feeling each tumble and kick, knowing that the chances  of bringing this sweet baby home is deemed medically impossible. The strength of this family, this mother, leaves me awestruck.

Please, please, I know you don't know them from Adam, but we love them so and even though we know the different ways that this family's journey may end, we want as many people hoping and praying for this family and  sweet baby Arrayah as possible as her due date gets closer. Please. You can follow their journey at Cadie's blog One Step Closer and you can "Like" Pray for Baby Arrayah on Facebook.

Thank you.


Jess said...

I'll definitely be praying! I think of the song by Mark Schultz, What it Means to be Loved.

God is a miracle worker! And I have faith that with people praying He will move for this family.

Sarah said...

Sending up prayers for baby Arrayah :)

S said...

I will be praying for them all. I believe in a God who does miracles.

Sheyenne said...

I will definitely be praying for them. I've walked this road and it is not easy. We found out last year that our unborn daughter would not live outside the womb. We, too chose to carry her until her birth and it was the most difficult but most amazing experience of our lives. There are a lot of resources for your friend to get support; if she is interested, you can email and I'd be happy to pass them on. I kept a journal of our journey at I also wrote several posts about how family and friends can support those who are carrying a pregnancy with a poor diagnosis. Love and prayers to all.

Stacy Cross said...

Praying fervently.

FSD said...

Consider it done! Praying for sweet little Arrayah. Please keep us posted.

When you have time, let us know how you're doing. How is life as a mommy of two? I had my son, Zachary, 3 weeks ago, and I have experienced a weird range of emotions. Zoe is a great big sis, though; we're proud of her.

JP said...

Yes, I do, and will absolutely for this family.

alittlebarefoot said...

I don't pray as a general rule, but I'm praying now for this mother and her daughter, and sending them all the love in my heart.

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