Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another woman...

Something happened this weekend while we were camping and it absolutely killed me. Another woman who had her eye on Rob. She followed him around everywhere, laughed at his jokes, whenever he was sitting around the campfire she was practically in his lap....sometimes she WAS actually in his lap. It made me tear up just watching them. It all started when she came into our campsite with her friend and asked Rob to find her purple flashlight. Her name was Delaney... and she was 3 years old.

I really had you going for a moment, didn't I?

But it is all true. This little girl was besotted with Rob and it pretty much brought me to tears. She looked like she could be his daughter, sitting there by the campfire with her little hand on his arm. I could just imagine him there with a daughter, having the time of his life showing her how to set up a tent, start a fire and make s'mores. He is amazing with kids, they just love him and I can see that he's going to be the best dad... so much like mine. It made me miss my dad more than I have in a long time and made me want us to get pregnant so much more. Seeing that this weekend makes me even more determined that we're going to figure this out soon.

My appointment is this afternoon, here's hoping...

"Fathers be good to your daughters. Daughters will love like you do. Girls become lovers who turn into mothers. So mothers be good to your daughters too."
- John Mayer "Daughter"


Dr. Girlfriend said...

Good luck at your appointment!

LovingMyHubby said...

Hi, Nestie friend here, just wanted to say good luck today!

Wendy said...

Hi - I'm on the nest, too. Just wanted to say that was a sweet story. I hope you and your dh have your own little girl (or boy) very soon. I know how hard it is, waiting and waiting.

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