Saturday, August 18, 2007

Test results, Phase I

I called for my test results on Friday, and the results were totally normal thyroid and prolactin, and I know I should be happy that they're completely normal but... I can't help but wish I had a reason for all this.

The words I'm dreading are "unexplained infertility". With unexplained there is no rhyme or reason, no game plan, it's of a shot in the dark. It would be one thing if we had insurance that covered IF treatment, then I would be totally fine with trying anything and everything, but we have to be selective because there is only so much we can afford with treatments ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

Rob's test is Monday. We've elected for him do his business in the comfort of our own home rather than at the testing facility. Since it needs to be in my 10:30 and he has to get it done within an hour of that time I get to be the one to drive downtown and drop it off. Apparently I need to keep it close to my body so it stays at body temperature. For some reason this strikes me as pretty darn funny... where the heck am I supposed to stash this? Maybe I'll wear sweatpants and stash it in the waistband? A sweatshirt and put it in the pocket? Under a hat perhaps?

Here's hoping for some answers soon and good test results for Rob! I'd write more but I'm just not feeling witty or creative today!

"May you alway walk in sunshine.May you never want for more.May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door." - Irish Blessing


Jen-Again said...

I put mine in my bra- that worked pretty well!

Anonymous said...

Thining of keeping the "sample" warm is pretty amusing. I imagine holding it between my legs, like I'd hold a drink cup in the car.

I hope you get the results soon! GL!


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