Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What is wrong with people?

Well, I didn't post an update from Monday because it was so upsetting that I didn't feel like talking about it but now I'm over it and feel like I should get this out there.

Rob's SA was scheduled for Monday at 10:30. That is when we were supposed to turn it in so Rob did what he had to do and then went straight to work, (it is difficult for him to ask for time off because he works for his uncle and we're not exactly advertising our IF testing). So off I go on the 45 minute drive to downtown.

I get to the Dr.'s office (which is not my own, they don't do the testing so I had to go to a different one) and it is a really small waiting room full of pregnant people...great. I go up to the counter, put the cup on the counter and tell the receptionist that I need to turn this in.

Her: "M'AM WE CAN'T TAKE THAT WITHOUT HIM HERE. " In an obscenely loud voice so the entire waiting room looks at me.

I stood there stunned since no one had told me this, she goes on in her booming voice,


I tell her I do, 10:30.

Her: ::huge sigh:: "WELL, I'M GOING TO HAVE TO SEE WHAT WE'RE GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS." And makes a big production of looking at my paperwork from my doctor and making a phone call.

By this time I'm completely and utterly mortified. There is a cup of freaking semen on the counter, what am I supposed to do, put it back in my pocket. I'm cursing myself for not putting the stupid thing in a paper bag, but it was supposed to be close to the body. Damn it. I hear snickering and I look to my left, there is a pink-haired, lip pierced pregnant teenager and her punk boyfriend laughing at me, laughing at the cup of sperm on the counter. I could die right there. Why the hell does this little cow get to be pregnant and not me? What the hell, I want to smack her on her stupid pierced face.

After several minutes of my standing awkwardly at the counter, a nurse calls me back. I stand in the hall as she apologizes for the misunderstanding, someone should have told me that FDA regulations require that the guy be there with I.D. She is so sweet that I break down and cry right there in the hallway. I'm not talking silent tears, I'm talking the hiccuping, bawling, gulping kind of crying. This is just too much. All I want to do is get the heck out of there. I nod when she asks me if I want to call in and reschedule and fly out of the door back into the waiting room where EVERYONE stares at me as I'm a blubbering mess.

I somehow get out to the street to call DH where I continue to bawl as I'm walking to me car. I've never been so incredibly mortified in my life. As if this IF thing isn't hard enough.

So, lesson learned for anyone out there who's husband is going to get a SA... make him take it in himself. Now Rob has to reschedule and it means even longer until we find out what is going on.

I'm over it now though. We'll be ok, it'll be rescheduled and I'm sure karma will come back and bite that cow receptionist and pregnant teenager in the butt. I hope the teenager gets stretch marks. Aren't I mean?

Anyways, other than that small hiccup we're back on track. Rob has made an appointment for this Friday, so here's hoping we'll have some answers within the next week! Fingers crossed (again) for a positive outcome!

"I've finally realized what life is all's about hanging on when your heart has had enough. It's about giving more when you feel like giving up"
- Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry you went through all that. I can't believe that the receptionist wasn't more discreet! Maybe after the SA is complete, you should send an email about the way you were treated.

Anyway, good luck with the SA! I hope you get the results quickly!


Elana71 said...

All staff at a medical practice should be screened and then evaluated in bedside manner. Wtf, I hope the nurse spoke to the Dr. and the receptionist about her inappropriate, insensitive, unprofessional, ignorant, a$$holish behavior. Hopefully, there is a training course that she can go to or she can see a therapist. Schmuck... As for as the teenagers are concerned, stetchmarks are a good punishments but maybe down the linke the piercing(s) will be ripped out accidently...............

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