Saturday, June 28, 2008

Second Tri Here We Come...

I'm in my second trimester!

Whooo hoo! I cannot believe that a third of my pregnancy is over already. Time really is just flying by. I honestly couldn't even visualize myself here at the beginning and now it feels like it was just yesterday that we found out.

I bought my some fun baby related things today, the first since finding out we were pregnant. Just a couple little gender neutral onsies and a soft blanket with polka dots on it. So exciting!

It has been an uneventful week pregnancy wise, which is a pretty darn good thing I think. Other than a rough day with a headache and being sick on Thursday I've felt pretty good, almost normal. The headaches are killer at work though, I can barely look at my screen. Also, I've lost weight, as of my last doctors appointment I was up 3 lbs, as of today I'm back down to my original pre-pregnancy weight. I think it is because I am NEVER hungry and nothing sounds remotely appetizing even though I don't feel half as nauseous as I did a couple weeks ago. So now I'm making a concerted effort to eat, even though I don't want to. Who would have thought!?

So that is about all for now, I didn't want anyone to think I had disappeared off the face of the blogosphere for not posting last week. We're still here! I will have an exciting post for next week though, our NT scan is Tuesday morning at 8:30 am (early!!!). I'm excited and nervous, though mostly excited to see Baby M again. So that one will be a nice long blog entry on Tuesday along with a new belly shot, though not much has changed, it still just looks like lumpy pudge to me today...maybe it will magically become a bump not a lump by Tuesday. Fat chance! Ha ha, get it? FAT chance? Ok, lame...pregnancy has apparently stolen my wit along with my waist!

PS. The majority of you were right on my latest poll, Christmas IS my favorite holiday...this year more than ever.

"There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second. "
-Logan Pearsall Smith, Afterthoughts, 1931


Just call me "B" said...

Bev, I am so excited for you! I know you from the nest as "bunniesaresoft" and I just prayed and prayed for you! Thank goodness all of the prayers worked! You have inspired me to start my own blog. I just started it today (

I would love to get in touch with you via email to ask some advice about some specific questions! I hope that isn't too much to ask! Leave a comment on my site if that is okay :)

Best wishes to you, the hubby, and baby B!

Erika said...

SO glad you made it to the third tri congrats!!

I LOVE Christmas time as well.

Baby and Me said...

Yeah!!! I feel you in the lump to bump, I am so tempted to get the tshirts that say I am not fat just pregnant.

LanY said...

Welcome second trimester! How exciting.
Have fun seeing Baby M on Tuesday!

sara said...

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your NT scan tomorrow, I'm sure everything will go great! We have our anatomy scan next week and I can't wait to see if our little one has a nub or not as well. For some reason, I was thinking girl for you - even with the previous "nub" you mentioned! Hope you had a nice weekend and that your headache is a thing of the past :-)

renee said...

Congrats! Time flies doesn't it? I thought that 40 weeks seemed so long looking ahead, but when you look back at how long it's been it's so fast. My daughter is 3 weeks today, but it seems like we just found out we were pregnant. Enjoy it! Pretty soon you'll feel movement, it's the best feeling!

Fiddle1 said...

It is so amazing that I feel when I read your blog, I wrote it myself! We both have the same due dates, I have the belly issue (bump or lump?), I have the no appetite issue (but if I don't eat I get sick), and nothing sounds good to me either! Just wanted you to know I'm right there with you!

Linda said...

Hi Bev,

I "know" you from The Nest. :) I just wanted to say I love reading your blog and seeing that ticker go up day by day! I'm so happy for you and your DH.

I put a link to your blog on my blog that I recently started. I hope you don't mind. Feel free to leave me a comment if you rather I remove it - since we don't know each other irl. :)

I hope you're doing well and that your NT scan goes well!


Anonymous said...


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