Friday, May 8, 2009

4 Month Doctor's Appointment...

It was Lucy's 4 month doctor's appointment today. We got all dressed in our rockin pink Adidas tracksuit, (she looked like she needed to bust out a tiny Missy Elliot move, instead we just flailed out arms around a bit...close enough) and drove downtown to the doctors office with Nan in tow. My mom was super excited to be "invited" to meet Lucy's doctor and we decided to make a morning of it.

Lucy officially weighs 14 pounds now. My big girl! I can't even wrap my head around the fact that she used to be half the size she is now. It's amazing! Today was a bummer though in that it was a immunization I hate them. Lucy is always so happy and cooing, sitting on my lap, and them BAM two shots in each leg! Poor baby. I decided, along with with Lucy's pediatrician, that we are doing a rolling immunization schedule. We break them up since four shots at once really seems like a lot for a tiny baby and my doctor was totally on board for it. Lucy was such a trooper, after the initial shock she was a total doll and didn't cry for the rest of the morning. I do find that nursing her immediately after the shots, whether it is feeding time or not, really calms her down.

After the doctor's appointment we headed off to eat bacon and cheese scones at the tiny coffee shop around the corner, and then headed to Mother Natures, a totally granola baby shop in downtown Portland, (which means it is right up my alley). I have to write a blog post about my transformation from "material girl" to "crunchy mama" because I'm taking this green baby thing all the way. Once I started cloth diapering, the rest of the green, organic, eco-friendly lifestyle just seemed like the way to go. I mean, why not? When I get on a bandwagon I REALLY get on it. Read later on this week to see just how far I'm taking being green (to Rob's dismay, he had no idea he married a hippy! ha!).

At Mother Natures I bought another Bum Genius 3.0 (love these), a couple teethers from Nattursutten since Lucy is really big on just nomming on anything and everything. I wanted to buy more than one diaper but they were out until next week, lucky for me I'm off work next week so I'll be making another trip out there. Love that store!

Now we're just taking it easy for the rest of the day. She's fast asleep on my bed and I'm doing some laundry (when am I NOT doing laundry?). I'm hoping she feels up to a jaunt down the block in the stroller later since the weather is beautiful today, but we'll see how she feels.

Don't forget to ask questions!

"Go gentle ... into the green."
-Charles de Lint, Into the Green


Larissa said...

Hi Bev and Lucy!! I feel like I'm writing into one of my reality shows on TLC to ask a question (I'm always asking the Jon and Kate Plus 8 crew questions on their website). I've been following your blog for a year or two and LOVE it! The Blogolympics have got me pumped. So, here's my official question--- Are you and Rob planning to have another baby any time soon? Will you have to go through the same things infertility wise that you did in order to conceive Lucy?

Heather said...

Don't you just hate immunization appointments?! Actually, when isn't it an immunization appointment, lol. I used to nurse my baby (she isn't a baby any longer but I can't stop calling her that...she's 15 months) as she got the shot and it really seemed to help her to cry less.

FSD said...

Immunizations are the worst! So vital, yet so unbearable! :- ( My baby girl had the rest of her 2 month shots today; we, too, are doing a modified schedule.

I can't wait to hear about your green baby lifestyle. I've been tempted to give it a try, but cloth diapering sends chills down my spine. Are you changing diapers more frequently than you were with disposables? I'd imagine so.

In addition to the question above, I'll put my old question back out there: where do you come up with your quotes?

Anonymous said...

I love how you compared the bundle of joy to a little missy elliot!

A question?

Now that your a mom - what are you best at multitasking? Meaning what is the most you have done at one time while holding the baby?

Love your blog.

MJS said...

I am so happy things are going so wonderfully Bev!

My question: I'm curious how Rob is doing. Obviously very happy, but any interesting changes since he became a dad?

I love the blogolympics! :)

Melissa said...

My son is about 5 weeks older than Lucy, and his pediatrician gives him shots that are combined. Instead of getting 5 shots, he gets 2. They are both combination shots, one has 3 of the immunizations and the other has 2. I wonder if anyone near you offers this? It makes our shot appointments so much better!

soxchamps said...

Ha, ha! I feel the same way with DH, that he didn't know how crunchy I'd get over time, especially since DD. Luckily he's on board for pretty much anything.

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