Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blogolympics Day One...

I love being home so much. I love waking up in the morning, grabbing Lucy from her crib, feeding her and going back to sleep for an hour with her all snuggled up against me. Rob bringing me tea in bed isn't too shabby either. HA! Lucy is so darn happy when she realizes that mom isn't rushing to drop her off at Nan 's in the morning (Nan=My Mother who takes care of Lucy when I'm at work). She gets so excited when she wakes up from her morning nap and, whahoo! Mom is still here! I'm that exciting folks, or at least my daughter thinks so.

We had an exciting incident this morning as this morning was bath time. I find bathing a baby very difficult without another set of hands to help. She's just so darn slippery and wiggly and I'm always afraid I'm going to bump her head or get her ears underwater when she lays back onto the headrest... but I digress, when bath time was over I put Lucy on her changing pad in her crib to go get a diaper. Now USUALLY I put a washcloth under her bottom because we have peed on ourselves one too many times, but this one time that I don't what to I come back to? Poop...and pee... all the way up to her HEAD! EEK! On my nice clean, delicious Burt's Bees' smelling baby. Damn!

What to do? I don't want to run another bath, and there is just too much poo to simply wipe her down, (poo in the HAIR people, So I jump in the shower with her. I expected that she wouldn't like this very much, but she LOVED it! She laughed the entire time. Apparently showers are hilarious! So much easier than the bath too... I think we've found a new way to clean this baby. Hurrah!

As I type right now she's sitting in her ExerSaucer, a gift from "The Easter Bunny", which in actuality is my mom's friend "Grandma Barb" (as she calls herself) who is extremely smitten with our Lucy (really, who isn't?). We had lunch today with the girls from work and next up on our busy vacation schedule will be napping while watching Oprah and doing a load of cloth diapers (which I love and will post about this week).

Man, I would love this to be my life everyday, yes even the washing dirty diapers part. I'm totally not kidding.

Lastly, Since people often ask me questions in the comments section and I never get around to answering half of them I'd like to do a question and answer post this week. So if you'd have any burning questions to ask of me about...well, anything, go ahead and ask in the comments of this post. I'll do the Q&A post later this week.

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love.”
-Mildred B. Vermont


Jamie @ Baldwin Bungalow said...

Carrie & Lindsay said you guys were going up to work today to show off the kiddos - how was that? It'll be fun to watch our girls grow up together. I'm glad you're enjoying your time at home with Lucy!

Mrs.Rotty said...

yay! that seriously sounds like the good life to me. i'm glad you had a good day minus the poop.

soxchamps said...

I just stopped showering with DD, she got too heavy and wiggly. But I miss it! So relaxing.

phylly3 said...

Bev, I have been following your blog since before you were pregnant and am so happy for you all that you have this precious child in your lives. What do you envision for your daughter in the future? Dance, art, sports, music.

Amelia's mommy. said...

Little Miss Lucy is just too adorable! (you already know this!) It's great to see pics!

My favorite part of days home with Amelia are when she wakes up from her nap or in the morning. She sleeps with music on, so you'll hear the music and out of nowhere you'll hear "mamma?" or "Dadda?" Literally every day. Melts my heart every time, and then she goes on to babble for about 10 min. to all of her "friends" in her crib (I need to get this on video and post it on my/her blog).

I also know this is a tad early, but happy first Mothers Day! I know just having Miss Lucy makes the day great as it is, but pregnancy and birth means we earned it! (espcially with you and I having such fertility issues) Enjoy! (more tea in bed!)


Jeremy and Mindy said...

I'll be thinking of a question, but until then, enjoy your extended vacation. I haven't showered with Macy Grace but I take bath's with her all the time and she just LOVES it! Plus it's easier for me because I just hold her and play and splash and no bending over!

Leigh said...

Hi Bev, I'm a blog lurker coming out as well. I am very interested in hearing more about cloth diapers. I would love to use them (due in August) but are they too much work? I hate the idea of all the garbage created by disposables and the constant buying, buying, buying....but honestly don't know if I'll have the energy to wrap up a cloth diaper and wash it all!! And what about poop in the washer machine? I'd feel like that would really clog things up?? Eager to hear all about it!

goodheartedmommy said...

I've always found showering with the baby to be the easiest and best way to get them clean!

I'm so glad you like cloth diapers!

Anonymous said...

I was curious - during the unexplained IF - did you ovulate normally, and see a lot of EWCM? What were your cycles like, if you don;t mind me asking. LASTLY, can we see more little Lucy photos? She's too cute.

Cathy said...

Being an at home mom is one of the best jobs, seriously. Even now, mine are 6 and 8 and I'm almost done cooking baby #3 (7 months down woo!) its just rewarding, being able to be there at every moment, I tried the back to work thing, its so hard to do after staying home so long!

Showering with them is definitely the way to go! Its so much easier, its fun for them (til they hit about two then they hate it! LOL) and its just natural, I loved showering with my babes, my youngest is a total mommas girl and still asks to shower with me but we don't, haven't since she was about 2. But it is definitely so much easier then the tub!

Lindsay said...

hey Bunnies,

Lucy is a doll! I'm so glad that you are going to be blogging more, I love reading yours. I'm requesting lots of Lucy pics while you are on "vacation".

For my question, what types of cloth do you use? Do you have a favorite? (I'm planning on using cloth starting in about a week with my new little one)

WinsyWade (botb)

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