Saturday, September 5, 2009

Night Diapering Solution...

So in the beginning, when we started using cloth diapers, we didn't have any leaks at night so I didn't need a night diapering "strategy". However, as Lucy has gotten older and has had more, er, output in the pee department as before we started to get leaks every.single.night. For people who are semi co-sleepers this is NOT acceptable. When I was first breastfeeding I would wake up in pools of my own milk, then when Lucy became a super-spitter-upper she would constantly spit up all over the bed, those two thing I could somewhat deal with...but waking up in pee? No. That's where I draw the line!

I tried stripping her diapers, I tried changing the soap, I tried changing the snap settings, I tried stuffing those babies with hemp doubler until she looked like a tiny J. Lo. Nothing worked! I was about to go to Earths' Best or Seventh Gen disposables at night because leaks happened ever night. Finally, after trying all sorts of diaper combos I found my very own, No-Leak night diapering solution. Hurrah! I thought I would share it here in case you cloth diapers out there are in the same quandary I was with nighttime cloth diapering.

For the actual diaper Lucy wears Snap-Ez Pocket Fleece Diapers. They are just the most lovely, softest little things EVER! Fleece on the outside layer AND fleece on the inside layer. I'm so amazed that these keep her dry, with no PLU layer, but they do! Disclaimer: These are being discontinued. Boooo! Hiss! The owner of Snap-Ez is selling out her previous inventory and going with just one diaper style. I love all of her diapers that she sells, but I'm so bummed that she is discontinuing the fleece. I love it for night time because there is no PLU layer, so Lucy's skin gets to breathe all night long. I use only one Snap-EZ Eco Soaker in the pocket and use an Aristocrats Wool cover over the top for an extra layer of protection. The Aristocrats soaker isn't pretty, BUT, its breathable and keep any compression leaking from happening through the fleece. The whole set up is quite bulky, yes, but it works like a dream!

Here's the blurb about the (now discontinued) fleece diapers on the
Snap-EZ website:

  • PUL is a laminated fabric - this is not breathable. This makes for very good wetness barrier, but also does not allow for air flow. With Snap-EZ Fleece Diapers, there is not plastic layer so the air can flow in and out making your child more comfortable.
  • This can be more of an issue for night time use as they are wearing the diaper so much longer!
  • Another difference is trimness - PUL is very trim and will allow for a better fit under clothing. Fleece is not as trim and required loser clothing. For this reason many parents use the Fleece for night time and/or at home
  • In anycase, these are so soft and cuddly, I think everyone should try at least one and judge for yourself if these are not the diapers of your dreams!
Here is the actual lowdown on the Aristocrats Diaper Cover, which I bought from Green Mountain Diapers :

  • Hand knit from 100% untreated wool
  • Very soft
  • Leak proof (can absorb more than 1/3 of its weight in moisture before it begins to feel wet)
  • Wool is breathable and these covers can help reduce diaper rash
  • Untreated wool inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Wool's PH balances bacteria therefore cover only needs to be washed about once every two weeks
  • Great nighttime diaper to avoid leaks.
I have about 4 fleece diapers on rotation for night time, although I would love some more to use during the day without the soaker on the top. And I have one Aristocrat soaker, which I'm going to buy one more of because the soakers do need to be hand washed and lanolized every couple of weeks. I don't feel like the lanolizing is a hassle at all, but the they take over a day to hang dry so an extra would be nice. And even I was surprised when two weeks went by without a smell from the soaker at all. It's true! And Lucy hasn't had a leak since I started with this system.

Just thought I would I'm running off to the Snap-EZ website to buy some more of the fleece diapers before they're gone. Please do note if you are considering giving them a whirl that Snap-EZ's sizing can run pretty small, especially in the PLU diapers (which I also heartily recommend), so measure that baby!

“Changing a diaper is a lot like getting a present from your grandmother -- you're not sure what you've got but you're pretty sure you're not going to like it.”
-Jeff Foxworthy


Mrs. Haid said...

Thanks for the input!

I found a really good diaper doubler/liner from Hemp Babies that i am using with Bum Genius fleece diapers, and no leeks yet!

I got them from, which is a local store for us in Missouri!

Emily said...

I think we might need a baby-booty picture modeling the diapers!

Ruth Einfeld said...

Thanks for the great PR! If you are itnerested in doing a give-away on your blog, drop me an email at ruth at!

Melissa said...

My favorite diaper for night time was the bagshot row night solution

They are hard to get your hands on because she's super popular but they are one size fits most diapers that grow with your baby! Awesome awesome diapers!

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