Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve!

We're actually going out tonight. On a grown-up night out. I'm going to get fancy and everything! That's right, fancy, as in I might be wearing a sparkly top/dress and HEELS (heels, when I'm not at work ...shocking). I may even go absolutely wild and crazy and wear lipstick.

Don't get me wrong. Rob and I have had plenty of date nights since Lucy has been born. We're lucky enough to have my mother who will basically watch Lucy at the drop of a hat. She's actually the one on the weekends who will always say "Hey, don't you two want to go to a movie, or dinner or something? ANYTHING? Yes? I'll be over in 5 minutes..." I feel incredibly lucky for this as I have girlfriends who have not gone out on a date or seen a movie in the theaters in months or even years because they don't have anyone to watch their children. We're so lucky to have that Nan Nan and don't I know it!

So, Nan is coming over tonight to watch Lucy and Rob and I are going downtown Portland with my best friend and her husband to go to a delicious little fondue restaurant/ martini bar. Not really anything wild and crazy, but I know we'll have a great time. Now I just need to find something smashing to wear. Remember, if you're home tonight at midnight (which I'm going to try to do so that we can ring in 2010 with my mom) open your doors and windows to let the old year out and the new year in!

What are your plans for NYE 2009 my dear readers?

Tomorrow, in honor of the New Year I'll be posting my resolutions for the upcoming year. Let me tell you, they're quite...ambitious. You're going to want to tune in for this one.

Happy New Year's Eve All! Have a fabulous (and safe) night! Cheers!

"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man."
-Benjamin Franklin


Nic said...

Happy new year! I am staying in with my DH and fur babies, snuggling down in front of the fire!
Can't wait to hear ur resolutions!

Kelly said...

Sounds like fun- have a great time!

Anonymous said...

We are have friends over for appetizers, drinks & games like we do every year.

Juliana said...

Happy New Year. I am glad you are getting out on New Year's--even though you guys have gone out it is always wonderful to have fun and be reminded that you are more than just a MOMMY. Have blast. As for me tonight--I am going to be hanging out in my Snuggie with my husband and baby and the pups. It is freezing outside

FSD said...

Happy New Year! I enjoyed a great dinner out with my husband and my baby girl. We had an early dinner so we could get my daughter in bed close to her normal bedtime. Now we'll probably rent a movie on demand and snuggle up for a night in. Nothing exciting, but it's still special. You are very fortunate to have such an accessible mom/grandma. My mom helps us out, but she lives 4 hours away, thus she only drives or flies in for a special event.

Have fun and be safe. Can't wait to read your resolutions. I'm mulling mine over in my head right now.

Solar Powered said...

Happy New Year! Good for you for getting out, sounds fun. I couldn't get out of my sweats last night if I tried :)

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