Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Things that happened in the last year that I totally meant to tell you but I kinda took a little, er, long break:
  1. Had Z, so you all knew about that, but you don't know all the gory details (and by gory I meant beautiful, amazing, thrilling, incredible, wonderful birth story).
  2. Everything was wonderful and lovely for a couple weeks and la la la and the BAM! Reflux baby and I thought I was going to lose my every-loving mind for about a month. Seriously.
  3. I went back to work, early. Reason, a.) money and b.) see above and reference "mind-losing".
  4.  Work turns back into 15 hour days, dislike!
  5. Find new, shiny, prettier job with less hours.
  6. Old job loves me so much that I feel bad for them (insert tiny violin for huge multi-million dollar corporation for losing little old me) and I offer to stay on part-time, for like a month or two, to assist in outsourcing my position (and by outsourcing I meant like 15 people are doing half of my job...super!)
  7. Part-time turns into 9 months of insanity where instead of working part-time I work two full time jobs. This equals 1.) mega $$$ 2.) me almost losing my ever-loving mind, again. Ever try working 16+ hour days, and on the weekends, with a toddler and a (newish) newborn? Don't.
  8. Then I decide that I don't have enough stress and we put our house on the market because duh! it will take like a year to sell. La la la, we have time.
  9. Wrong, it takes 2 months and BAM! we have to be out in 20 days the day before Thanksgiving.
  10. New house will be super easy to find so we'll move in with my mother temporarily while we're looking, wheeee! it will be all lovely and cozy and family-ish and we'll be together for the holidays and my mom watches the girls so we won't even need to drop them off in the morning. Will be SO convenient...for like a month or two. La la la.
  11. Six months later, we're still at my mom's house and we're at each other's throats because she tends to dole out advice once in awhile, and by once in awhile I mean every second of the day that someone is awake to listen.
  12. Postpartum anxiety rages, heightened by job(s) and living situation, give in and seek therapy and Zoloft.
  13. Quit second job, quit Zoloft. Wake up and start to pick up the pieces.
So...that is my life, to date, in a really quick condensed nutshell. Of course I'm going to go into detail on all the points above but...just wanted to let you all know what you're getting into in terms of a life recap over the past year.

Are you ready for this? What have you been up to?

"I can't tell if its killing me, or making me stronger."


Kristen said...

Thanks for coming back to the blog world. Our little ones are just months apart so I completely relate. Our second will be a year in a few weeks and it was just the most difficult year of my life. Of course, I love my children, have a fantastic husband (blah blah blah) but MY GOODNESS! Can't wait to hear more of your stories. So nice to know there are other women out there doing their best and doing a pretty great job at it :)

Samantha said...

WHEW! I got tired just reading all of that!

I didn't do much except have another baby and go back to work.

So excited to hear more about all of your endeavors! (And glad you survived them!)


Emily said...

Same old, same old for me. Making babies. Raising babies. Being obsessed about all things eco, green and natural. Having PPA too.

Am currently enjoying snuggles with my 10 day old baby girl right now.

Candice said...

Wow...sounds hectic, to say the least. Hope things are on the upswing for your and yours. How is Rob?

CurlyQ said...

Wow it looks like you have had quite the year. I'm glad you sought out help with your mental health that takes courage. I can't wait to hear more details. Ive been following your story since your were regularly posting on the Bump. Glad your back!

Megan Elise said...

I hadn't deleted you from my google reader yet because I really enjoyed reading your blog. Your girls very close to the same age as mine (3 years 4 months and 14 months) and your a great writer/blogger so I'm happy your back!

Solar Powered said...

And what? Couldn't find time to blog with all of that?

I kid. Great to have you back.

It's nice to read a working moms blog that tells it like it is!

Fiddle1 said...

I had a reflux baby the first time around and did the zoloft. I'm 3 weeks into my second and am hoping for a reflux free baby. But i'm back on the zoloft. I can totally relate! said...

Nice to see you back! Curious-did you quit the second job, old job, or second job, new job?

Leanne@lifehappenswhen said...

Very happy to see you back!

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