Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Damn Meds...

Does taking Progesterone make anyone else STARVING?!?!

I got home from work today and ate the following (in no particular order):

1. Pork Top Ramen

2. A half a pineapple

3. Chips and Salsa

4. A couple handfuls of little tomatoes

5. A handful of low fat Cheez Its

6. Leftover steak from last night's dinner.

7. A piece of my Tangerine Glaze Bundt Cake from Sunday Dinner.

So gross! I have turned into crazy, rabid, ravenous, non-stop eating pig. Now that I look back at that list I'm totally disgusted by half of it...and I'm still hungry. AND I had a late lunch! Stupid Meds, they're going to make a fat cow of me yet, pregnant or not!

"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity."


s.e. said...

I think we are living the same cycle. Your timing of this post, yet again, is amazing. I ate twice as much today as I normally do. I was secretly hoping it was because I was needing to eat for two. But silly me, I am sure it is the progestorone. Yuck.

I just spent over 15 minutes picking out work clothes for tomorrow that I can be bloated in. I understand the cow feeling to much.

The Leonard's said...

Just wanted to say that I was RAVENOUS 7 DPO and didn't even know I was PG. Maybe you're getting the symptoms early.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! I was just on it last week and I couldn't stop eating! I hope you get some good news soon!

Esther said...

Hi, a fellow nestie here. Just wanted to tell you that I had to do progesterone supp. last cycle ... and totally hated it! They're so gross ... and totally ruined my favorite pair of Vicky Secret's PJs!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, though, and hope it's all worth it!!

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