Friday, January 29, 2010


This video from Mom 2.0 just made me tear up. I WANT to go to this conference. ::Sigh:: Here's to wishful thinking, right?

So true and beautiful that it hurts. Right?

"You are writing the story of your only life, every single day. And my greatest hope for you, sweet child, is that I can teach you how to write a good one."
-Katherine Center (check her out here)


Jennifer said...

Beautiful & so true :)

s.e. said...

It made me more than tear up. Multiple fell down my face. How inspiring to accept the hardships and still know what an incredible job we have.

I may need to watch this repeatedly, tuck it in my pocket and make it my daily mantra.

Thanks for sharing.

val patrick said...

So true. All i can say is "Magnificent". It describes and explains everything perfectly and very well. I'm sure every single person who will gonna see that video will be delighted and even enlightened. Your kids will also love to see that. Keep it up.

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Suzanne Incognito said...

Aw. That is great.

Thank you for sharing it.

Janel said...

love love love this video. I shared with other mommies i know:) Also, this is a very belated comment (I have been following your blog for a long time - well before your precious Lucy) - but you introduced me to the Beaba babycook this year - bought it and love it!

Working Mommy said...

What a great video!!


AmyMusings said...

Nice video. It sounds like she was crying and this wasn't the first take on the audio, which added to it.

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